Water, Water Everywhere?

But not a drop to drink, for my sink, to shower or flush… With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it has been a long 24 hours without running water here at the house on Green Heron Pond.  I keep staring out across the greenish brown pond and wondering in awe about water in our lives.  Nature has been seemingly untouched by the many shifts in our daily lives over the last couple of months.  The pond behind the house has been such a source of enjoyment, calm and peace for us and the amazing waterfowl that have migrated through or those that spend their lives here have been a treasure to observe…but as a possible water source on a desperate Sunday- no thanks.

Sunday is not the best day to encounter plumbing problems in what I used to describe as “normal times”, but amidst the “sheltering in place” and mask era this small crisis took on a bit different thought process.  I wondered if someone would feel comfortable about entering our home and fixing a shower.  How did I feel about this essential repair?  Well pretty adamant after the 50th time I tried to run water in the sink to wash my hands or attempting to rinse something for dinner prep. Hand sanitizer came in pretty handy for the one aspect and I gave up on dinner and chose takeout.

Dan and I did come up with a great solution for toilet flushing however.  The recent downpours have kept our sump pump busy so we syphoned off some of that water source (buckets full- out in the backyard- neighbors viewing) for the commode tank.  I also had a few of those small plastic water bottles left from when we used to leave the house so teeth brushing and essential drinking (which of course becomes obsessive when you know there is a very limited supply) were still somewhat available.  And you can imagine how many times one thinks about needing to go to the bathroom when the toilet can’t be flushed!

Now lest you think me just inconvenienced, impatient and griping about this small crisis- which was assessed by a kindly plumber yesterday- returning early this morning to fix it- know that I have had some moments of clarity to mull over the importance of water.

Water is essential.  Fresh water is a luxury.  Water refreshes.  Water cleanses.  Water soothes.  Water is a potent aesthetic for all.  I could go on but just know that when I turn on my kitchen or shower faucets today I will be thinking what a blessing it is to have this precious commodity at my fingertips…clean fingertips now.  Musings on Green Heron Pond.

Fall Pond pic