The Last Present Under the Tree

Today marks the last day of 2019 and the eve of a new year, a new decade. At each year’s end I like to reflect on the happenings here at Green Heron Pond.  In fact this year I have now lived on the pond for 10 years.  So there will be many pond occurrences, events and my own life here to review and cherish. Yesterday, looking under the “still up with gifts gone” decorated Christmas Tree, it was quite charming to see our little cat Sofia nestled in and sleep ready at its base.  She loves the fuzzy throw I use as a tree skirt and I liked thinking of her as our last seasonal gift under the tree.

sofia under tree 3
Sofia our last little present for 2019

I love the Christmas- the whole holiday scene- it is a favorite time for me to visit with friends, family, play and sing carols, bake special goodies and decorate.  But on the other side of New Years Day I am always ready for decorations to go, eat healthier and look forward to the new year and all the promise it can hold.  Sofia’s lone presence under the tree signaled the onset of that transition.

Part of that transition for me is always to write out a few resolutions…thanks to my mom’s relentless demand that we do so every New Years Day… that and eating black-eyed peas.  But I have always found writing some intentions out at the year’s beginning is rather cathartic and hopeful. I don’t shoot for lofty goals necessarily but I lean toward doable nuances in my behavior and actions.  It gives a bit of a reference point for the year and the feeling that I am starting with a clean slate.

2020 will also be the start of my fifth year writing from Green Heron Pond.  It is with a heart of gratitude that I look at the opportunities that exist right outside my window and the chance to write and share them.  Dan and I have witnessed poignant moments and amazing happenings in Nature here.  Events that are very powerful and encouraging when we look outside ourselves.  The Present is what is here, available to each of us, no matter where we are in life… may we take advantage of this gift- the present for 2020!

So, thank you sweet little Sofia for reminding me how precious the present-the now is.  Oh, and friends, you might write a few resolutions for yourself… it would have made my mom glad… Happy New Year to all my readers!  Life on Green Heron Pond.