Fall is Falling at the Pond

The temps this Fall had been up around the 70s mostly- until a couple of days ago when the 40s showed up. The transformation of leaf color, last blooms and falling leaves increased immediately.  I love all four seasons and never tire of the changes that each brings, but Fall goes all out before the “big rest” provided by Winter- dormancy allowing plants, animals and us an opportunity to recharge before the growing, migrating seasons begin again.

Fall Pond pic
my Fall view @ Green Heron

But for the next few days my little neck of the woods has vibrant oranges, rich reds and flaming golds weaving along the tree lines.  My  herbs, geraniums, mums and other potted plants have been reveling in the cooler weather and rewarding me with incredible blooms and growth. It is Summer and Fall’s last good bye and it is bittersweet.

The Juncos have come this week on the 40 degree day dancing below the flat feeder scratching for sunflower seeds. I am looking to see the migrant waterfowl soon- Shovelers, Gadwalls and the more exotic and unusual migrants that grace the pond coming and going. Franklin Gulls have spun over the pond and disappeared in the horizon creating silvery flashes of light reflected in the water.

geranium close-up
Happy geranium blooms

The cooler air, the solar warmth, the colors make me want to spend my time outside savoring the last bits of warmer weather.  So I will take a walk, breathe in the cool, sit on my little dock and cherish these last bits of Summer and Fall.  I hope you will too.  Happy Fall from Green Heron Pond.


James’ Purr-isian Cafe

On the pond we have migrants throughout the shift of seasons and then we have the sojourners.  James is a sojourner.  He is a beautiful tuxedo cat we named James (or “James-ee” as I call him) because of his rather prim and proper appearance. Hard living as a feral has compromised his physique some but it has also given him a poignant charm.

James-The closest pic I could capture…

Dan and I have tried several time to humanely trap him just to get him a check-up with the vet.  There have been cat fight wounds and scratches, flea and most likely ear mite problems and mainly wanting to help him live out his feral free life better.  However, James has other ideas…

He either has been trapped (for whatever reason) or is just whip smart about avoiding entrapment.  Freshly opened cans of tuna are sniffed from the outer perimeter and hastily avoided.  He will eventually cease coming to the deck for food and rather face hunger- waiting until the removal of the trap.

So instead we provide copious amounts of canned cat food, some dry food and fresh water.  He eats on the deck and then rests or lounges- safe, free of care for a few moments before wandering off… one never knows which direction he will go. Dan also built him a small feral cat shelter that we put out each fall… James has never used it. He also has his own small shearling blanket- which he adores and can be found on- open air deck snoozing-even in the deep cold.

James greets us with a hiss and meow at the back door on the days he comes for food and respite.  Our indoor kitties, Bob and Sofia greet him through the screen while we fix his bowl. Bob also alerts us if we fail to notice James appearance at the deck door.  James likes to have his head scratched but a powerful paw with incredible claws will swat you if you try to do more…how do I know?  He is very grateful for the food though and will rub up against your leg and purr.  And he breaks my heart.

This past weekend it was cooler and rainy and he had not been seen for a few days.  I told Dan he would not come in the rain, yet there soaked, he stood by the door.  Dan said he would find a way to cover one of the chairs to provide some dryness and James’  little Purr-isian Cafe was created.  Simple but sufficient.

Purrisian Cafe

James the little sojourner… kind and grateful in his own way.  I will always have a ready can of food and friendly head scratch.  Life on Green Heron Pond.