A Tree for All Seasons

While much of the action on Green Heron Pond takes place near the water’s edge out back, today’s pleasant surprise visitors were to be found out in the front yard at our Euonymus tree.  With the 3″ snow last night, there has been an abundance of small creatures seeking food for fuel in the cold and wind.  The Euonymus tree has been a superb source today.

Until a few years ago I was totally unfamiliar with Euonymus trees; my childhood memories of Euonymus were as a pale green, skinny limbed shrub that had nasty fly attracting orange pods.  Anyway, a few years ago Dan and I were needing to replace a couple of trees and a nursery owner recommended the Euonymus tree. We were told it would provide color and structural garden interest in all four seasons plus it would do well in a hot Western exposure. I was skeptical as my memories were still strong about the shrub (nasty flies), but the tree would be different- compact growth, delicate white blooms and pinkish color in the fall- so we had it planted.

euonymus tree
Snowfall on Euonymus Tree

The birds have loved it, especially the little Juncos and Bluebirds in the early spring and late fall.  Today they have dined on the pinkish pods amid the snow covered leaves.  I noticed them early this morning when I opened the curtains to let in morning’s pale soft snowy light.  The Juncos were the first to arrive soon joined by the Bluebirds- unbothered by two kitties viewing from a window perch.

Shannie's bluebird
Mr Bluebird at Euonymus in early Spring 2018

By this afternoon I was hoping to snap some photos of the Euonymus tree’s snowy leaves, pink pods and its feathered visitors.  Heading out into the deep cold I encountered a flurry of small birds around the tree.  I heard slight voices that are not heard here often but are very familiar…Cedar Waxwings were also feasting at the Euonymus tree.  What a surprise and what a treat!

I too love the Euonymus tree, it is truly a tree for all seasons.  In just a few years it has grown to provide shade at our West windows.  It has given the little courtyard garden where it resides lovely color, year round interest and an air of dignity.  Though I do notice a rather raucous buzzing in early summer…. hmmm.  Life on Green Heron Pond.