Mid Summer Is More Than Here!

The calendar shows that we are just barely three weeks into Summer, but Green Heron Pond and its surrounds tell a different story.  First of all the Kansas weather never gave its residents a real Spring to ease us into Summer.  We went from 60 degree days and cold spurts to full on 90s plus days with hot wind and little moisture.  That along with a major “Cottonwood snow storm” and heat weary flora and fauna have made me a bit testy about where we really are in the season…

The Baltimore Orioles have left already and my lovely flowers, herb garden and the pond are coated with “snow drifts” an inch or so thick.  Any pride I might have taken in some of my new plantings and the garden has been squelched.  However, in the midst of these disappointing events (which by the way happen each summer- though this season seems particularly Cottonwoody) there has been a bright spot in the yard with the blooming of my Stargazer lilies.  They are gorgeous and fragrant from 20 feet away.  They have taken the sting out of a fuzzy covered landscape and the departure of my beloved Orioles, who by now are basking in the Gulf sun and waters before continuing their journey Southward in the Fall.

Stargazer Lily


But while I miss fussy racket of the Orioles at the jelly feeder on the deck, we have had some other visitors to fill in the gap.  The three surviving ducklings- now as big as their moms try flying a bit off of the dock after a running start.  Sometimes the ducks even eat a bit of the Cottonwood seedlings… a small helpful gesture for sure. All sorts of Herons show up for meals throughout the day and their deep “Aawwkk”  calls can be heard long into the night.

Dan captured a photo of a Bullfrog under one of our trees pawing through leaves for a tasty morsel.

And the Bullfrogs have been chorusing us all Summer long- by Summer I now mean since May… when it got hot! The Bullfrogs call from one side of the pond to the other sometimes joining each other’s calls or other times just voicing a sweet low solo.  They have been providing the perfect ambience for sleep!  I do wonder if their calls alert the Herons at night but imagine the frogs dive deep and swim far if required.

The Cottonwood fuzz, though aggravating (as it gets in everything- your mouth, hair, eyes, the house- through any open door, clinging to your clothes- which one usually discovers out in public…) can be tolerated as it will subside, the Orioles will return and in the meantime the Stargazers are beautiful, the frogs lullaby one to sleep and there is much to enjoy on Green Heron Pond!