Season of Gratitude

The towering cottonwood at the side of the dock has been abandoned by all its leaves.  They have either wafted slowly, silently onto the lawn or been hurled, heaved over the neighborhood by the fall breezes.  I love fall and winter’s unobstructed view of early morning sky through the bare architecture of this spacious tree; limbs large- devoid of spring or fall color, now illuminated silver by stars and the moon.   The view this morning over the dock was incredible, an illumined sliver of the moon with the full moon surface showing as background.  Through the Cottonwood silhouette, Canada geese sounds and duck flotilla on the pond- it was spectacular! I am always grateful to be an unseen viewer on this scene in Nature.

morning in Nov
Early November morning scene on Green Heron Pond…sliver of a moon

Despite wind and temp extremes, Kansas’ four seasons hold so much beauty.  Spring with its almost neon brightness or shy pastel shades, eventually crowded out by the deep intensity of dark summer hues turning to the burning, burnished fall color that wanes into winter’s sleeping landscape, almost monotone. I like the lessening of activity in fall and then the respite winter provides. It always brings hope and anticipation of another spring, another summer to come.

The song birds that frequent our yard and feeders seem to sense this.  Their spring has been busy with courting and building nests.  Summer- frenzied with care for fledglings, constant feeding, then flying lessons. Fall finally arrives and parental avians breath a sigh of relief as “this years models” are all grown up. Migrants return- grateful to have rest and food before the cold of winter sets in.  Fall seems to be these small birds’ carefree moments to enjoy camaraderie and foraging just for themselves.

I hope you will take a few carefree moments to experience Nature out your window or outside in it this fall!  I would love to hear back from you- what you are grateful for in your surroundings or what you notice as you spend a few moments relaxing, taking in this grace we call Nature!

Grateful, I am so grateful for Fall!