The Importance of June 1st!

I have debated as to whether share this post today or on some later June date so as to not make anyone feel the least bit guilty about June 1st, as I am inclined to.  It merely has to do with my mom (this is not a diatribe) and is only an observation of a day and a saying.

calendar June 2
This 1995 Calendar works great this year…

My mother died during my son’s infancy and I remember how much I longed to chat with her through the various stages of that early “momhood”.  It was not to be, so I began to think about how I could “hear” her voice through the memories of her laughter, her wisdom, wit and her sayings.  There are many but today I will focus on her saying about June 1st.  “If you don’t get things done on June 1st, they will not get done!”  This was actually a spring housecleaning mantra with my mom but it has stuck with me in so many ways and along so many avenues of my life…

Every June 1st (except when it fell on a Sunday…then May 31st- Memorial Day became a labor day) was spent washing windows, curtains, turning mattresses, vacuuming areas undisturbed for weeks/possibly months and doing annual chores that only warm weather would support outside.  I dreaded the day most years.  Since my birthday fell towards the end of May, I felt entitled to a few days respite into summer vacation before I had to get busy around the house and help… my mistaken idea… Margaret knew better.  And to this day I can never reach June 1st without thinking I need a plan of action for the summer season.

My mom was an Oklahoma farm kid- half grown by the time the Depression happened and she never let it slow her down.  I really think due to the limitations of the time she developed such self reliance and intellectual curiosity that as an adult she had both a well defined practical side and philosophical nature too. She certainly utilized these tools dealing with her children…

So today, June 1st I was up at 5:30 a.m. (due to a cat) and decided to begin with my list of tasks for the upcoming summer.  There is a baby coming this month, next month a wedding and so today has been filled with lovely activities in preparation for these joyous occasions.  I have even done some laundry and housecleaning…  but this evening I feel I have started the wheels in motion for the summer and its coming events.

What my mother’s June 1st saying instilled in me all those years ago, was the understanding that I could begin as I would plan to go on See a project through.  Make a plan, execute it, see the results and expand on what I’d learned.  It has served me well even when I have experienced failure or lack of focus as it gives me the ability to begin again, to keep moving forward. The simple example of spring cleaning, housework- that one could immediately see the result of their labor. A  phrase from my childhood, wise words!  What do you want to accomplish this June 1st, you still have time.

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